Monday, 8 October 2012

Hasbro strikes deal for Hungry Hungry Hippos movie. The end is nigh.

Remember when Battleship came out and we all laughed about how much we'd like to see a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie? Well, it seems the joke was lost on some studio executives in Hollywood. Instead, they looked at the internet gag and saw dollar signs in their eyes.

This week, after all, production company Emmett/Furla announced that they've acquired rights to adapt the Hasbro game into a major motion picture franchise. The producers (known for their work on Righteous Kill and The Wicker Man remake, just in case their artistic integrity was in question) plan to make three Hungry Hungry Hippos films in the next two years.

This no longer begs the question of whether Hollywood has hit a new low; it's more a question of just how low it can sink. An Operation medical drama set in real time as doctors attempt to save a man's life? A Guess Who detective story in which numerous suspects are interrogated about a major heist?

Hell, while we're sinking this low can we at least have a Twister movie starring Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez?

Hungry Hungry Hippos will be the next in a long line of proposed toy adaptations that include Monopoly, Action Man and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.


  1. What the fuck.... Come on Hollywood.... just no for the love of god no.


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